• Curtis Marusiak DD

What is a reline?

A reline is a one-day procedure where your Denturist will ‘re-fit’ & ‘re-adapt’ your dentures for maximized stability & retention. A new impression of your mouth will be taken using your existing dentures. This will give your dentures the most accurate and current fit for your gums. As we age, our bone structure which supports our dentures resorbs & shrinks (especially the lower jaw). Consequently your dentures will become ill-fitting and may feel looser and more uncomfortable. This is a highly recommended and very common procedure for anyone who wears dentures. Relines are recommended 2-3 years after your dentures were first fabricated. This procedure is quite quick, requiring only one appointment in the morning and one appointment later that same afternoon. Contact us today to inquire further at (780) 929-1465!