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Here at Beaumont Denture & Implant Clinic, we are a local small business who strive to achieve the highest level of client care with our services we offer direct to you!  This simple yet diligent approach has effectively helped foster our continual growth since we opened our doors to your community in 2016.  We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to discover who we are as we look forward to proving our passion for excellence to you!

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Est 2016

Beaumont Denture & Implant Clinic came to fruition in 2016 with the vision of Curtis Marusiak DD.  Since then we have become masters of our craft and pride ourselves in offering the utmost comprehensive care to you and all of our fellow community members who reside in Beaumont & the surrounding area.  Curating an extensive, diverse & loyal client base with strong emphasis on just word-of-mouth referrals has become one of our proudest achievements.  With great thanks to you, we continue to grow and look forward to meeting the faces of your family, friends & neighbours to create them forever lasting smiles too!

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We understand that dental care can often be daunting & frightening.  However, our friendly & professional approach will ensure that you feel comfortable & confident knowing what treatment options are available to you.  With our extensive experience in treating a diverse range of cases, we have the knowledge & technology to provide specialized & individual care for all.  If for some reason we are not able to offer you the treatment you require, our team will gladly refer you to the appropriate professional who can.  Browse our range of services below to learn more about how we can best help you!

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Behind every smile, is a diligent & thorough consultation.  This service is an important starting point for you to gain valuable insight & understanding of your wants & needs.  Unsure of where to begin or what kind of treatment would best suit you?  You can confidently put your trust in us to provide you with knowledgeable support & information you deserve. Lets get in touch!


As one of our most common treatment options available, Implant Dentures have made a tremendous difference for many of our clients, and continue to provide the highest level patient satisfaction.  We strive to make the daunting details simple to understand and ensure that all of your procedures are coordinated in a timely manner.  When you choose to work with us, you can trust that you’re in great hands!


Another frequent treatment option which has been proven to make a positive difference for many of our clients is Surgical Dentures, or also know as Immediate Dentures.  Whether you have been referred by your Dentist or not, feel confident when reaching out to us to explore this option further and how we can help you make sense of this treatment today.  Lets begin!


We feel that all of our clients deserve knowing that all dentures are not created equally and that Complete Dentures can and should be highly customizable.  This is why our clinic is outfitted with some of the latest technology, and uses the most advanced techniques and highest quality materials.  You can rest assure that we will oversee everything and overlook nothing when it comes to your denture care!


Are you missing just a few teeth on the top or bottom and not sure if or how to replace them?  Fortunately you have a variety of treatment options available, from a single tooth implant to a bridge or even a partial denture.  Let us help assist you in making an informed decision to best meet your wants, needs & budget!


Like anything, maintenance & upkeep of dentures is important in order to keep them feeling comfortable and in good working condition.  As an everyday prosthesis in which you use, your dentures are subject to high volumes of wear & tear over hundreds of thousands of chewing cycles each month, and millions each year.  Check in with us to evaluate how your dentures are holding up before its too late!


Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

Suite 201, 5305 Magasin Ave, Beaumont, AB T4X 1V8, Canada (2nd Floor)

(780) 929-1465

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Mon: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Tues: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Sat & Sun: CLOSED

CLOSED all Statutory Holidays

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