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Much like natural teeth, dentures must also be regularly maintained.  If you wear dentures you may have noticed that they have become looser over time - this is common and will affect all denture wearers at some point.  A denture reline is a quick & simple procedure which will ‘re-fit’ & ‘re-adapt’ your dentures to improved their stability, retention and how they fit.  Relines are recommended either 6-12 months after extractions or 2-3 years after your dentures were first fabricated as the bone structure in your mouth will slowly shrink & change shape as we age.  This is a highly recommended and very common procedure for anyone who wears dentures.


Unfortunately, dentures can & often do break.  Whether the acrylic base of a dentures fractures, a tooth chips or pops out completely, a denture can usually (but not always) be repaired.  Dentures breaks can happen because of many different reasons.  If you have broken your dentures, contact our clinic to coordinate a time to drop it off for us to evaluate the condition of it.  In most cases we can repair your denture by the end of the day, however sometimes some repairs can take longer.


Confusion between what the purpose of a sports guard & night guard can be quite common.  While both oral appliances guard & protect your teeth, they do so in different ways.  The primary function of a sports guard, or also know as a mouth guard is to protect both your teeth & head (brain) against high impact blows.  These guards are specifically designed & fabricated to help cushion traumatic forces which can reduce the likelihood of structural tooth damage or even a concussion.  Sports guards are a very simple & quick appliance for us fabricate and highly recommended for anyone of all ages who play high impact sports.


Have you noticed that your teeth are wearing down and becoming sensitive?  Are you waking up with a sore jaw or even disturbing your partner in the middle of the night by the sound of you grinding your teeth?  Many people are unaware of this condition called bruxism.  If left untreated, bruxism can further & permanently damage your teeth & gums.  Night guards are made from a firm acrylic resin which is designed to wear down slowly when you clench & grind your teeth at night.  Much like sports guards this appliance is also a relatively simple & quick procedure which can easily prolong the health of not only your teeth & gums but your jaw joints and neck & shoulder muscles as well.

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