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Are you seeking a sustainable solution and tired of loose, uncomfortable & sore dentures?  Let us share with you what your options are so you can confidentially make an informed decision with dental implant treatment.  Schedule with us today to find out more about why this option is an excellent investment into your oral health, comfort, function, appearance & quality of life.

During our consultation phase, we will guide you in developing a personalized treatment plan that suits your wants, needs & expectations.  This will provide you with a much clearer understanding and offer good reason to feel confident that this treatment option is a solution you deserve to address your ongoing issues & concerns of just regular dentures.  Much like many other medical & dental procedures, you have a choice from a variety of options available to you today thanks to the contemporary science & technology of modern dentistry.  Let us not only determine the best option for you but one that fits your budget.  We look forward to providing you with our utmost comprehensive care to get you chewing your favourite foods with greater confidence tomorrow!

Benefits of Implant Dentures:

  • improved appearance & aesthetics

  • improved speech & phonetics

  • improved comfort & less sore spots

  • improved functionality & chewing capability

  • no more loose or floating teeth

  • smile & laugh with confidence knowing that your teeth will not float around or fall out

  • Gastrointestinal Health: healthier absorption of nutrients & digestion due to the ability of being able to chew and mince food properly instead of swallowing large un-chewed foods making it difficult on your stomach to digestive track to break down

An excellent choice to improve your overall well being & quality of life!

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