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Are you currently missing all of your natural teeth on the top and/or bottom?  You can confidently put your trust in our experience, knowledge & expertise when it comes to recreating & restoring your most natural smile.  Whether you are investigating your treatment options for the very first time, or seeking to replace previously worn out, loose or uncomfortable dentures, we can help!

Conventional complete dentures are an incredibly common ‘total tooth replacement’ option thanks to their economic value and rather quick & simple turn around time in which they take to fabricate.  If you are in need of complete dentures you are not alone with roughly 4,000,000 (4 million) Canadians & 38,000,000 (38 million) Americans also missing all of their top and/or bottom natural teeth.  As the demand for such treatment continues to increase & grow, so does the improvement in procedures, materials & technology in how this service is provided.  These scientific & technologic advancements in our field have evolved over time & have significantly improved to better enhance your experience, comfort & functionality with new complete dentures.  Find out more in how we can begin to recreate & customize your new teeth today!

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