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Are you having to consider denture options due to the declining & irreversible health of your remaining natural teeth?  Whether you have been referred to us by your Dentist or perhaps have not seen a Dentist in quite some time, let's begin with a complimentary consultation to help you navigate what we understand can be daunting treatment without proper & professional consultation.  We are here to answer your important questions and help guide you every step of the way to make this transition one which you can smile back on!

Surgical Dentures, or also known as Immediate Dentures are precisely what they sound like.  These dentures are placed in the mouth ‘immediately’ after your Dentists performs ‘surgery’ and extracts your remaining natural teeth.  A significant benefit of this treatment option is that you will not have to go without teeth for any length of time and will see ‘immediate’ results once the procedure has been completed.  Our team will then continue to closely monitor & care for your needs in the following weeks & months.  During this healing phase you will require adjustments and replacement liners until you feel comfortable & confident enough with your new smile!

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